Support Policy

Self service options to fit your needs.

At Data Gumbo we take automated solutions seriously. Since our customers have a digitized way of thinking, we provide a menu of support services for you to select from when you discover an issue. We are determined to provide exceptional service through trusted platforms to solve your inquiries and incidents.

GumboNet Support is hands on throughout the development, testing and implementation of your smart contract on GumboNet. You will have a dedicated customer success representative that will work with you to address any issues through implementation.  Once your smart contract is live on GumboNet, you have the power to decide how you want to communicate with GumboNet Support to resolve any issues. Please select one of the three options below that works best for you.


We encourage all customers to provide supporting documentation when reporting an incident. The easiest method to provide the documentation needed to assist you is to create a ticket using the GumboNet Service Desk.

Click Here to Submit a Support Ticket

Here is how it works:

  1. Submit the incident and designate the severity

  2. The case is routed internally and reviewed by our experts

  3. Level 1 cases are addressed within 60 minutes

  4. Level 2 cases are addressed within 24 hours

  5. A GumboNet Support expert will contact you directly and then work collaboratively with you to resolve the issue.

For production critical incidents, please call GumboNet Support staff at 832-730-3640, option 2.

For non-production-critical inquiries, simply visit and use the live chat window during our normal business hours.

To meet the needs of our customers globally we have support staff in Houston, Texas, USA and Stavanger, Norway.