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Modern enterprise delivers value through trust 

Powering Commercial Transactions

Global enterprises waste billions of dollars executing commercial transactions due to a lack of accuracy, transparency and efficiency. Across industries, it is imperative that companies free up working capital and reduce inefficiencies for tremendous cost savings.

Smart contracts, powered by blockchain technology, are pioneering a new approach to commercial relationships—one that reduces informational and transactional friction to deliver streamlined operations.


A Trusted Transactional Network

Data Gumbo’s trusted transactional blockchain network, GumboNetTM, is ushering in a new era of digital transformation for capital-intensive industries.

Our network enables real-time visibility, massive cost savings and harnesses the power of automated commercial transactions through smart contracts.


From Industry Leaders

Quotation Marks

“Data Gumbo’s blockchain is a promising instrument for industry collaboration in oil & gas benefiting all connected parties. This pilot with Data Gumbo is a significant step towards our goal of proving non-manned volume validations can trigger automated payments to vendors.”

Profile Circle_Rebecca Hofmann
Rebecca Hofmann

Chairman of Blockchain For Energy

Quotation Marks

“Eliminating inefficiencies and the potential for KPI manipulation, Data Gumbo’s state-of-the-art distributed-ledger solution ensures full contract execution, with terms tested in advance; the entire record of raw inputs, calculations, and resulting transactions remain in the system and ready for audit.”

Profile Circle_Clare Walker
Clare Walker

Principal of Frost & Sullivan

Quotation Marks

“Data Gumbo’s success with blockchain-based smart contracts is proving a significant transformation. When applied to the insurance underwriting process, GumboNet yields increased operational efficiencies, contract certainty, accountability, transparency, and reduced costs.”

Profile Circle_Pascal Ray
Pascal Ray

Founder of Prescient

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