Revolutionize your enterprise with smart contracts

$1B+ Contracted GTV

GumboNet™, our private, permissioned smart contract platform, empowers global industrial enterprises and their business networks to transact efficiently and transparently.

  • Global Business Network
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  • Create Smart ESG Reporting
Join a Global Business Network

Invite suppliers and partners to join you on GumboNet & experience transactional certainty.

Stop Manually Reconciling Invoices

Real-time IoT sensor data & API integrations ensure invoice accuracy, eliminating manual reconciliation. Instead of just checking that purchase order values match - start leveraging the data you and your counterparties already collect to make sure you pay and get paid for what was actually delivered.

Reduce Expenses by 10%

Smart contracts & invoice automation reduce payment processes from 72 days to 2 days on average and reduce cost 2-10%.

Deploy Smart Contracts

GumboStore enables you to easily deploy smart contract templates. No developer or coding required.

Create Smart ESG Reporting

Enhance sustainability initiatives with safety, carbon emissions, water, and chemical usage reports.

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Corporate Nodes

Industries We Serve

Install and Deploy Your First Smart Contract

Join the live webinar to see how you can get started using a pre-built smart contract tailored for your needs and industry use case.

The Green Insider Podcast

No better way to hit the century mark of podcasting than to discuss a technology that is changing the way business gets done in all spaces – Blockchain.

Automate Fuel Contract Performance

Optimize fuel contract management and streamline reconciliation by tapping into these five connected sources.



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