Data Gumbo has created a massively interconnected industrial blockchain network of companies, customers, suppliers and vendors, called GumboNet™ that integrates specific transactional data with automated smart contracts powered by blockchain technology.

Pulling specific data into an encrypted distributed ledger creates a verifiable third-party record that any transaction is accurate and certain. The end result is an innovative and modern process that creates touchless transactions and crushes waste in the process.  GumboNet can upgrade legacy processes and deliver a modern approach that ensures transactional certainty to drive millions of dollars of improved performance.

GumboNet is:

  • Proven
  • Industrial Grade
  • Immutable
  • Transformative
  • Modern
  • Trusted
  • Subscription-Based
  • Transparent
  • Digital Auditor
  • Universal
  • Innovative
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Key Benefits

  • Provides immutable record of truth; neutral, third-party data to verify data integrity 
  • Delivers visibility and transparency into real-time contract and operational performance 
  • Enables automated payments once contract terms met
  • Significantly reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) and frees up working capital
  • Streamlines business processes; alleviates administrative burden and renders paper invoices obsolete
  • Permits treasury and financial management in real time 
  • Integrates with leading ERP systems to alleviate transaction friction; provides cryptographic auditability

The Power of the Network

It’s all about the network effect. Companies don’t need to design, stand up and sustain an implementation of a blockchain and then persuade all of their counterparties to use their blockchain. This is akin to deciding that you want to ship products by rail, and then attempting to persuade all entities you want to do business with to use your own railroad system, rather than your competitor’s.


Key Features

  • Templates to easily build and manage smart contracts and/or libraries of company and industry-specific templates over time 
  • Users can monitor, approve/reject tasks and observe contract milestones
  • A corporate landing page, cabinet and dashboards customizable for common industry applications 
  • Users, roles and assets can be divided for easy administrative management; no wallets required
  • Toolkits to manage data, APIs and testing
  • Evolving marketplace and apps to grow network

Fast Time to Value

Data Gumbo uniquely frees industry from building and sustaining stand-alone, in-house blockchain solutions. Available as a volume based subscription service, GumboNet delivers unprecedented speed, accuracy, visibility and transparency to drive efficiencies and cost-savings. 

Upon subscription, our services team leverages our proven recipe for success methodology with zero setup fees and rolls out the service in 90 days.  Once live, customers transact with GumboNet and are free to turn the network on and off as needed.

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