A Bridge to Transactional Certainty

GumboNet is the only smart contract network of global industrial enterprises and their customers, suppliers and vendors that successfully incorporates real-time sensor level and field data to validate transactions.

Fast Time to Value

Available as a usage-based subscription service, customers can experience value quickly with internal- or single-sided smart contracts to get started and gain internal momentum. Rolling out GumboNet to your supply chain and/or other customers delivers more than 10% cost-savings within six months of receiving company data and implementing a smart contract between counterparties.


The Power of the Network

It’s all about the network effect. Companies don’t need to design, stand up and sustain an implementation of a blockchain for smart contracts and then persuade all of their counterparties to use their system. This is akin to deciding that you want to ship products by rail, and then attempting to persuade all entities you want to do business with to use your own railroad system, rather than your competitor’s.

Pulling specific data into an encrypted distributed ledger creates a verifiable third-party record that any transaction is accurate and certain. The end result is an innovative and modern process that creates touchless transactions and crushes waste in the process. GumboNet can upgrade legacy processes and deliver a modern approach that ensures transactional certainty to drive millions of dollars of improved performance.

Key Benefits

  • 90 days or less to financial returns
  • Streamlines business processes; reduces 14+ step processes to 2-steps
  • Provides an immutable record of truth
  • Available as a subscription service; zero additional investment or installation costs
  • Decreases informational and transactional waste resulting in more than 10% savings
  • Reduces days sales outstanding (DSO); automatically eliminates payment delays, disputes and complicated reconciliations
  • Enables companies to pay for only what is actually delivered or for services performed
  • Integrates with leading ERP systems including SAP, Oracle and QuickBooks; improves audit and risk profiles
  • Offers visibility into real-time spend and revenue data; eliminates need for estimates and accruals