Integrated Drilling Services Smart Contract Template

Integrated Drilling Services

Smart Contract automates the calculation of pre-reconciled, invoiceable charges or invoices for services with well construction process.


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Drilling Services


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Product Description

The GumboNet Standard Integrated Drilling Services contract automates the calculation of pre-reconciled, invoiceable charges or invoices for a broad spectrum of services associated with the well construction process using a variety of data sources.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrates with all industry standard Daily Drilling Report systems / Common operator systems
  • Consumes daily drilling activities, sensor data and logistics information critical to calculate payments for day rates, meter rates, volume rates, lump sums, rentals, liquidated damages, equipment installation and performance payments
  • Flags all mismatches between service provider and operator data nightly for quick dispute resolution; supports several NPT resolution mechanisms
  • Configurable options to support Best Well or Planned Section time budgets, as well as various other macro and micro KPIs; can also incorporate IoT data as evidence of activities performed
  • Services covered today include: Drilling Services, Mudlogging, Fluids, Cement, Electronic Wireline, Gravel Pack, Pumping, Data Processing and more include tools, personnel, consumables and reimbursables
  • 20-40% reduction in operations personnel hours for approving and preparing invoices
  • Automate or remove 60-90% of existing process steps
  • Runs nightly to provide finality every 24 hours rather than every 2-4 weeks
  • Outputs can be pushed to ERP and other enterprise systems via API



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